Galfi Fixing

Order informations

1. Contact the warehouse over the phone: +4-0266-218.095
2. E-mail sending to office @
3. Webshop (to those partners who own a contract with Gálfi Fixing Ltd.)
In case of the first purchase, we need the company`s data:
  •  Company name
  •  Registraitan data
  •  Delivery address
  •  Postal code
  •  Activity (shop, office or, service)
  •  Phone number, fax
  •  Bank details
Contact persons:
  •   Owner (name, mobile number and e-mail address)
  •   Accountant (name, mobile number and e-mail address)
  •   Warehouse manager (name, mobile number and email address)
We also need the GÁF code and the number of parcels, as our products are sold in packages.
For example:
  •  GÁF 166006 = 1 (1 pack)
  •  GÁF 188048 = 1 (1 pack)
We make an invoice for every order and send them by email. After the feedback we immediately send the packages to the customers.
The delivery is made by Hungary Post Office and GLS courier service mail order network. On weekdays orders are taken until 15:00 and delivered the day after.